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Note: Paper copies can be obtained from Village Hall during normal business hours.

Building Permits
Building permits are required for any of the following construction projects:
– Houses
– Additions of any kind
– Decks
– Utility sheds
– Fences
– Carports
– Driveways
– Any other structures

Protect yourself! For any construction project on your property, please contact Village Hall and ask if you need a building permit! To obtain a building permit, please call Village Hall at (309) 923-3661 and ask for the Zoning Officer. You can also find info on our Forms page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zoning Ordinances

Q: Do I need a leash for my pet?
A: Yes! In the Village of Roanoke all pets must be on a leash, rope, cord, or chain no more than 10 feet long. Also remember to keep them away from Village sidewalks and water meters!

Q: Can I park on the street when it snows?
A: Village Ordinances prohibit parking along the streets if the snow reaches 2″ or more. If you park on the street your car may be towed at your expense.

Q: When does Roanoke flush the fire hydrants?
A: Hydrants in Roanoke are usually flushed twice a year. Notices for when this happens will appear in the Roanoke Review, on this website, and/or via village text message service.

Q: Is it okay if I blow my grass clippings into the street?
A: Sorry, in Roanoke all grass clippings must remain in your yard and off the streets and sidewalks.