Freedom of Information Act Request Form

Freedom of Information Act Records
(5 ILCS 140/5)

Which records are maintained by the Village
of Roanoke?  The Freedom of Information Act
requires us to maintain a variety of records!
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Freedom of Information Act

The public has the right to information produced by their government, with certain privacy limitations (5ILCS 140).  It is the policy of the Village Clerk’s Office to provide assistance in obtaining that information.

How to obtain information:

  1. Request it in person, by telephone, in writing, or by email. OR
  1. Request it under the Freedom of Information Act, which will implement the procedure under the Act.
  1. The Village Clerk’s policy is to provide, upon request, all public information, which is filed in this office as quickly as possible.  We may occasionally require a few days to assemble large requests.  (The Act provides for a 7-day window, but it is the policy of this Office to take only the time necessary to do the work.  In all cases, we attempt to promptly comply with your request.)
  1. Original documents may be viewed.  Copies are available at 15 cents per page.
  2. Waiver or reduction of fees is available if you qualify.  Pursuant to the FOI Act, waivers are granted only for those requests made in the interest of the public.
  3. Information that is available from other offices may be obtained upon request, or written FOIA request (forms available in the Village Clerk’s office or from the website.  Large requests may require a few days to assemble.
  4. Occasionally a time extension is required.  You will be notified in writing if this is the case.
  5. Occasionally some information may be denied pursuant to the Act.  You will be notified in writing if material is denied.
  6. We are happy to assist you, should you have any questions regarding your rights under the FOI Act.